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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to our family friendly nursery.  

As you walk in you get the feeling of being at home with our cheerful staff and relaxed environment. The nursery is run by Jenny who is here to listen to your needs.  

We offer a range of activities such as swimming, dancing with Claire, P.E with Andy and enjoyable music lessons with Tom.  

We love to celebrate various cultures such as Chinese New Year, Diwali and all the Saints days for Great Britain and Ireland.  We experience trips out to local places of interest like the theatre, China Town, local parks and shops.  

We love to play outside all year round whatever the weather.  We have a gazebo where the children can shade from the hot sun and tunnels for them to run through.

We have a close relationship with our parents and many of them love to join in our activities.  We have an annual sports day at our local park, a nativity that is performed in our local church and our graduation day for children.  All these events are enjoyed by children, parents and staff alike!

Ofsted Report

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Stretford Gallery

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"My partner and I chose Fledglings after visiting several nurseries in the vicinity and following a recommendation from a friend. We were most impressed by the overall running of the nursery and the welcoming, child friendly atmosphere. The qualities we most value are that any concerns that we may have are listened to and that our little girl is well cared for. Amelia seems very happy in her second home."

Louise Tunnah

"The facilities in the outdoor area are excellent. The huge umbrella is like having an extra room which can be used in all seasons but with the benefit of fresh air. Other facilities are amazing, water play equipment with waterproof suits, den making equipment and stepping logs which all stimulate development and improve the children's balance and other physical skills."

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